Panoramic Views of Urban Space: Photography by Eric Deis

A photo of an urban scene taken from above the groundLast Chance - Documentation #2, photographic installation

Photographer Eric Deis specializes in panoramic views of urban spaces, capturing interesting, unintentional juxtapositions between buildings, or moments of beauty that might otherwise go unnoticed. Based in Vancouver, when he’s not taking photos Eric helps fellow artists design and create their own art websites.


A photograph of a forest in BCForest, archival pigment print mounted on aluminum

I’m personally a fan of the way Eric seems to try to fit as much of a given landscape or space as possible into a single photo frame. While most of the images are captured at a fair distance from the central subject, the images capture so much detail that they demand a long, close look in order to experience the full scope.


Installation views on Eric Deis' photography websiteInstallation views of Eric's works on his website

It’s also nice to see all of the commissioned work that Eric has done for Translink, Vancouver’s public transit company, in his portfolio. These images are all black and white and generally relevant to public transit services, though they present these scenes in an impartial, documentary light that lends additional interest to the subjects. 


A photograph of city buses being serviced at a depotVancouver Transit Center Maintenance

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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