Furniture and Wood Accents by Peter Borkowicz

A modern built-in shelving unitBuilt-in shelving unit

Vancouver-based woodworker Peter Borkowicz specializes in both modern and art deco-style furniture and wood accents. The artist works with a variety of wood types, customizing many of his pieces to work in specific spaces.


A modern coffee table pieceModern coffee table

I really like seeing some of Peter’s more recent works up on his portfolio website - these works include custom shelving units and tables, and all feature exceptionally clean, straight lines with light-colored wood and minimal accents, perfect for modern home spaces and brightly lit locations.


A screen capture of Peter Borkowicz's art websiteThe front page of Peter's website


Peter’s work is also sometimes influenced by Bieidermeier period style, an era of design dating back to the early 19th century in Central Europe. His examples of work referencing this period are an interesting mix of ornate, antique and minimalist. These pieces utilize tapered table legs and rounded edges with textured accent panels, however the overall shapes of the furniture pieces remain modern and simple. 


An art deco style wood accentArt Deco accent

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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