Three-Dimensional Caricatures: Sculpture by Mike Leavitt

A sculpture of Hayao Miyazaki combined with imagery from his filmsMiyazaki, western red cedar wood, acrylic paint, acrylic eyeglass lenses

Sculptor Mike Leavitt uses his work to create humorous, cutting three-dimensional caricatures of various celebrities, from political figures to film stars. Leavitt also goes by the moniker ReMike, creating work out of his studio the HiPop Project.


A sculpture of Ghandi made to look like Yoda from Star WarsWars Make Not One Eye Blind, hand-carved cedar, industrial-grade oil-based enamel paint, mixed media accessories and details

I really enjoy the way that Leavitt blends his subjects with symbolism, creating hybrids of people and the things that they are well known for. Recent projects have seen the artist focusing heavily on scenarios and characters from Star Wars. In one series, he blends characters from the movie series with real-life figures, using the characters as an analogy for the real-life attitudes and behaviours of people ranging from Donald Trump to Michael Jackson.


In another series, Leavitt created sculptures of well-known film directors, incorporating imagery and tropes from their films into the bodies of the directors to form artistic representations that go above and beyond merely exaggerating features. These pop culture hybrids also remind me of the paintings of Brandon Bird.


An articulated wood sculpture of Andy WarholAndy Warhol, hand-carved fir, industrial-grade oil-based enamel paint, brass nuts and bolts

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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