Detailed Yet Quiet Illustrations by Manjit Thapp

A page from a silent comic by Manjit ThappSilent Comic (detail)

Manjit Thapp is a UK-based illustrator whose detailed yet quiet illustrations range in application from book covers to comics to fashion designs. Utilizing a combination of figurative drawing and abstracted shapes and scenarios, the artist creates images that depict the everyday with a slightly dreamlike edge.


A fashion illustration by Manjit Thapp for Miu MiuMiu Miu/ Pre Fall '16


I find Thapp’s comic works quite charming – the artist is very good at conveying a sense of narrative with little or no text. This also translates well into her work doing book covers, as she’s able to give the viewer a solid but intriguingly incomplete sense of what the book is about, with a single image.


Thapp’s fashion illustrations also display real skill with stylistically rendering different types and patterns of fabric. In these, the focus on clothing is much clearer, whereas in her other works she seems to focus more on faces and objects. Thapp’s portfolio overall reminds me of Sally Nixon’s artwork.


An illustration of a woman's face on an abstract and plant backgroundUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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