Scenes From Science Fiction: Digital Art by Beau Wright

A digital artwork combining mountains with rendered curvesFalls

Atlanta-based digital artist Beau Wright – working under the pseudonym Aspen Excel - creates surreal objects and scenes, using fragments of earthly phenomena and digitally rendered elements. The resulting works have the effect of incredible scenes from science fiction.


A digital artwork incorporating geometric shapes, rocks and treesTwister

I really love the blend of natural and synthetic textures present in each of Wright’s works. In recent pieces, the artist seems to display an affinity for stone textures, these cropping up both in natural-looking mountain landscapes and rock-textured cubes. These darkened forms are accented by spheres and other smooth, wavy shapes that are entirely digitally rendered and function to celebrate the aesthetics of a digital medium.


The artist is also skilled at using programs like Cinema 4D to create realistic-looking renders of three-dimensional sci-fi objects. The tension between real and computer-generated in the works is great and reminds me a bit of the works of Cy Tone.


An abstract digital rendering of a vortex of energyHellhole

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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