Studio Sunday: David Lynch

A photo of David Lynch painting in his studio


While perhaps best known as a filmmaker, David Lynch is also a visual artist, and was originally trained as a painter and continues painting alongside his film work. As an artist, Lynch is known for his dark, murky-colored paintings that address dreams and subconscious thoughts in an off-kilter, abstracted way.


The above photo of Lynch’s studio makes the space seem suitable to the aesthetic that he’s cultivated over his career. There’s a slight sense of eeriness to this stark, concrete space, which also seems to be outdoors. This, combined with the grey walls and paint-splattered floors gives the whole studio a grittiness not unlike the studio space of, for example, Lucian Freud.


What appears to be some bare canvas stretchers are propped up behind the painting on Lynch’s left side. Behind them is an intriguing black curtain – I wonder what it obscures. Perhaps there are more supplies or storage for finished works.


The large paintings that Lynch is working on definitely add to the space. It would be interesting, I think, to see more of his works set up exhibition-style in this odd outdoor studio. I’m also curious about the way that Lynch himself is crouching on the ground while working on a canvas that leans against the wall – does he always work this way? Or is he just trying to focus on some small, specific detail?


David Lynch has professed being a great fan of the work of Francis Bacon, whose studio is also vaguely reminiscent of the space seen in the above photo. Lynch’s painting style also seems to mimic the dark, uncertain and somewhat creepy style that Bacon employed throughout his career.  

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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