Food, Flowers and Photography: Art by Jacqueline Janecke

A photo of some barren trees in the snowNo. 86, photograph

Jacqueline Janecke is a Wisconsin-based artist who works with food, flowers and photography to create delicate designs and imagery in various media. Jacqueline’s works throughout her portfolio have a consistently bright and peaceful tone.

A photo of a simple flower arrangement behind a bowl of orangesUntitled, floral design

It’s interesting to see the overlap between the different areas of Jacqueline’s practice. The artist’s floral arrangements and food styling projects show off her photography skills, while her photography portfolio frequently incorporates floral and food subjects. Jacqueline’s photographs are simply composed, focusing on both the central subject and objects in the middle distance. With realistically saturated colors and soft, natural lighting, the photographs take on a homey, rustic feeling.


A screen capture of Jacqueline Janecke's portfolio of floral designJacqueline's gallery of floral designs

I’m also quite impressed by Jacqueline’s floral arrangements. The artist is able to create both large, elaborate arrangements, and simple centerpieces utilizing two or three specially selected blooms. As in the work of Japanese florist Azuma Makoto, Jacqueline captures the natural beauty of the plants, placing them next to each other in complementary patterns. 


A photo of a pie with a slice missingUntitled, food styling

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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