An Introspective Look at Nature: Art by Jorge Puron

An enamel painting of abstract minimalist shapes interactingCasa Matriz #4, enamel on canvas

Jorge Puron is an artist who works with geometric abstractions to create simple yet dynamic pieces that give off a very modernist vibe. Located in San Antonio, Texas, Jorge’s works are influenced by his surroundings, but also serve as an introspective look at the nature and the act of painting itself.


An enamel painting of black and white forms interactingPolaris 90, enamel on canvas

In his recent works, Jorge has frequently employed enamel on canvas. I love the sleek, clean look that the artist is able to achieve with this medium. Even in works like his Casa Matriz series, where each painting comprises a wide range of forms in different colors and thicknesses, there is a certain cohesiveness that pulls the whole thing together, allowing the viewer to see it as a comfortable, if mysteriously symbolic, whole.


A screen capture of Jorge Puron's art websiteJorge's website front page


The way that Jorge builds and divides space reminds me a bit of the works of Eva Berendes. Each painting or wall hanging artwork is carefully plotted with every geometric figure in the perfect place. Looking at these works long enough, the viewer is confronted with the occasional optical illusion or set of lines that seems impossible to justify. This slightly off kilter sense of space turns each piece into a rewarding puzzle.


A photo of a painting over four identical panels arranged into a diamond shapeShape Shifter - LaCruz View #3, enamel on canvas (4 panels)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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