Earthy and Elemental: Artwork by Diane Lounsberry-Williams

An abstract image with neutral and blue tonesSaint-Cirq, oil and cold wax on panel

Diane Lounsberry-Williams works with cold wax medium to create beautifully textured abstract artworks that are earthy and elemental. Diane has travelled extensively and her experiences with artifacts from ancient civilizations and old architecture informs her practice.


A mixed media painting of abstract white and green fieldsWhat Remains, oil and cold wax on panel

I like the balance between color and texture that features in Diane’s painted works. She seems to know exactly when to stop to avoid overworking a painting, imbuing each with the perfect amount of rustic, aged detail without going overboard. Each painting takes on a relatively cohesive color scheme, utilizing either a single deeply saturated hue, or several different shades of a neutral brown or gray.


Dianne Lounsberry-Williams' gallery of works on paperDiane's gallery of works on paper


The earthy imperfections of Diane’s artworks remind me a bit of those of Nella Lush. Diane’s abstractions, while focusing more intently on color and composition, do produce the effect of ancient ruins, appearing as though they might have once depicted some mythological scene. 


A mixed media artwork with geometric lines of earth tonesFusion of Elements II, oil and cold wax on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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