Softly Textured Impressionism: Art by Anastasia O'Melveny

A still-life painting of shells on a blue backdropStill Life with Shell-Blue

Anastasia O’Melveny is a visual artist working primarily in paint, though she also experiments with other media such as photography. Anastasia uses a certain softly textured impressionism in her works, creating a body of work that brings together a wide array of subjects.


A painting of sheep sleeping in a fieldSleeping Sheep on Grassy Beads, book illustration


The artist’s gallery of animal and pet paintings is one I find particularly enjoyable. Each painting seems to have its own distinct style, fitted to the subjects. Cats feature predominantly in this gallery, and each is given its own personality. There are also farm animals like sheep and ducks – in one recent painting, a flock of white sheep looks peaceful against a beautiful, deep blue backdrop of nighttime.

A screen capture of Anastasia O'Melveny's art websiteThe front page of Anastasia's portfolio website

Alongside her paintings, Anastasia has also built up an extensive photography portfolio, packed with simple documentary photos as well as digitally manipulated ones. Her “Abstract and Mysterious” photo gallery captures the impressionistic tone of her painted work, taking it even further into blurred and skewed imagery that celebrates the color of a scene rather than any particular detail. 


An abstract photograph of a small streamRelfections in a Stream, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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