Art Shows A-Go-Go!


It's going to be a very busy next few months. My heart is fluttering nervously. I hope I can keep it together !!


I have two shows happening before the end of the year as well as a book launch. The first show is happening in October at Initial Gallery. It is a two-artist exhibition where I will be showing my iceberg paintings alongside the beautiful sign post photographs of Angela Fama. 


The second exhibition is coming up in December at grunt gallery and it will be a solo exhibit showing all of the paintings from my Eerie Dearies series. A few of these have already sold but the buyers have agreed that they would be able to wait until the show comes down in December before they collect their new paintings. I am very excited to have the opportunity to show these paintings all together before they go their separate ways.


I plan to be in attendance with books available for purchase as well as art and some prints.

It will be a great opportunity to see all of the original paintings created for the book  - all together at once.


Needless to say I am glad I upgraded to a larger Moleskine planner as I am going to be filling it with some epic checklists in the hopes that I can ward off minor panic and/or major forgetfulness. Also, I think I need to schedule some down time so that I don't lose the plot. So many things to prepare!

Outside of Grunt Gallery

I am really looking forward to both of these shows and especially look forward to showing again with grunt gallery as they are a big part of my local art community. In the photo above you can see the show that I did with grunt gallery in 2011 Like a Great Black Fire. 

Written by: rebecca chaperon
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