Deconstructions of Familiar Forms: Sculpture by Hollis Roberts

A sculpture made using a circular steel form and multicolored fabricsSometimes,,steel and fabric


Hollis Roberts primarily works as a sculptor, though some of her earliest work was in the field of photography. Working with various materials including wood, textiles and metal, Hollis creates sculptural installations that serve as explorations and deconstructions of familiar forms.


An installation using the steel forms of several outdoor chairsMove Along, steel


The artist’s sculpture portfolio succeeds in being surprising and slightly disorienting at times. Often using found objects, Hollis alters just one or two details about the way the objects are constructed or how they fit together, creating a form that looks at first recognizable, but upon closer inspection is completely foreign.


A screen capture of the front page of Hollis Roberts' art


For example, in the work Flirtatious, two bright red metal dining chairs are situated with facing each other, as they would from across a table. However, the table is absent and the chairs are melded together where the seats and legs should be. The resulting object is personified by the title and seems to depict two chairs facing each other closely, and with a great amount of interest. 


A set of dining chairs welded together into bizarre formsFlirtatious, repurposed chairs, steel, enamel paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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