Queen of Tape: Art by Anna Dominguez

An image of Frida Kahlo made entirely from adhesive tapeFrida

Anna Dominguez works under the moniker Queen of Tape, and for good reason. All of the artist’s pieces are creating using adhesive tape as a medium.


An image of several city skylines depicted in colorful strips of tapeNYC LONDON PARIS (Skyline), adhesive tape on canvas

Anna’s works have a wonderfully graphic edge to them, as the nature of her chosen medium allows her to create many clean, well-delineated planes of color in each image. The artist often uses a wide range of different types and brands of tape in her works, though she is currently sponsored by the Duck Brand tape company and frequently works with this type of tape.


The gallery of 2016 works on the Queen of Tape's websiteAnna's portfolio of works from 2016


In her most recent works, Anna has been creating images of sports stars – soccer players in particular. I love the way she builds up volume in these images, capturing figures in movement with a beautiful sense of lighting as well. In many of these works, the figures are presented with just slightly skewed body proportions, creating a playful look almost like a caricature. 


A portrait of Justin Timberlake created using adhesive tapeJustin Timberlake, adhesive tape on maple wood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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