Experiments of Color and Texture: Art by Jane Southey

A close-up photo of a tomatilloColour 16, photograph

South Carolina artist Jane Southey has a portfolio that centers around experiments of color and texture, showcasing and manipulating forms found in nature, giving the viewer a close-up and abstracted view of things they might normally overlook.


A photo of a whelk shell on the beachLightning Whelk, photograph

I really love the bright, clean look of Jane’s photographs. The artist amplifies and lightens the colors of whatever subject she’s capturing, as well as giving the viewer a close-up, tangible feeling for the texture. In her Sea and Shore series, for example, Jane showcases a series of images of shells, crustaceans and other life found on the beach. In each image, ever grain of sand seems sharply defined, while contrasted against mottled crabs and sand dollars, or the smoothness of a snail shell.


A screen capture of Jane Southey's photography websiteThe front page of Jane's website


Jane also offers a similar viewpoint for architecture, isolating particular lines and forms in a structure to create images that are almost abstract. These almost remind me of the skewed architectural photos of Joeanne Edmonds-Matthew.


A photo of the Charleston Bridge in South CarolinaCharleston Bridge, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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