Eye for Fabric: Painting by Richard Mountford

A painting of a woman sitting in a chair and holding a glass of wineIn Vino Veritas, oil on canvas

Richard Mountford is a painter with a great eye for fabric. The artist is skilled with realism, with a practice informed by the work of historic artists and life experience.

A photograph of six small paintings of different pairs of shoesShoe series, the first few paintings

I’m really impressed by Richard’s ability to paint portraits of children. The smaller faces are often difficult to accurately render, but Richard’s portfolio is packed with examples that capture the personality and exuberance of childhood. Fabric also seems to be an element that the artist enjoys painting, as it appears in many forms throughout his portfolio – paintings of empty, crumpled articles of clothing, as well as people wearing complex, heavy garments or wrapped in blankets.


A screen capture of Richard Mountford's art websiteA gallery of paintings in Richard's portfolio


In a recent series, Richard painted a number of portraits of pairs of shoes. He depicts everything from high heels to steel-toed boots in an accurate manner that makes it seem as though the viewer could reach out and touch each pair. 


A painting of a young girl holding a honeysuckle flowerHoneysuckle, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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