Dramatic, Dreamlike Flair: Art by Guntis Jansons

A triptych painting of grass growing in a burnt out forestRegrowth Panorama, oil on canvas


Painter Guntis Jansons creates colorful images that are realistic and yet seem to add a dramatic, dreamlike flair to known reality. Each of the works in Guntis’ portfolio combines the world we know with just a bit of extra brightness and dimension.


A painting combining two well-known contemporary artworksChristinas's Intruder, oil on canvas

The artist has a really interesting way of blending his own unique style with nods to contemporary art history. In his series, Mixed Genres, Guntis creates visual mash-ups of paintings by two different well-known artists, resulting in surreal scenes in which two drastically different methods of depicting the world come together in a seemingly natural fashion. These works remind me a little of David Maxim’s Famous Dead Artists series.


A screen capture of the front page of Guntis Jansons' art websiteThe front page of Guntis' website


I really enjoy the way Guntis captures everyday landscapes and portraits as well. He does a wonderful job of using a range of color to build shadows, highlights and volume, rather than simply creating darker shades of a single color. Whether they depict a lush forest or a model’s face, the images sparkle with life. 

A painting of a bird working on a paintingPigments of Imagination, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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