Functionally Aesthetic Objects: Design by John Greg Ball

A modern porcelain cream and sugar setBlend, porcelain cream and sugar containers, designed for

Industrial designer John Greg Ball’s portfolio is packed with examples of functionally aesthetic objects. John frequently collaborates with companies and other designers to create products that not only look good, but also solve common difficulties and annoyances.


A stage design in an Alberta public parkGeorge Lane Park - centennial stage design, created for a public art competition in High River, Alberta


Alongside his industrial design work, John also creates designs for outdoor installations and urban spaces. A recent project was created in response to a contest for public art in High River, Alberta. John’s design takes the form of several large translucent panels featuring silhouetted shapes of trees. The work, placed in a heavily treed public park space, adds a modern flair while referencing and paying respect to the natural history of the location.


A screen capture of the front page of John Greg Ball's art websiteThe front page of John's website


I also really enjoy the fact that John includes concept development images on his portfolio website. These sketches, for both industrial objects and installations, are a wonderful glimpse into all the different thought processes that go into creating any design. Check out John’s website, as well as our previous feature on his design with sound, for more work.


A concept design page for a geometric ringGeometric ring, design drawings, made using Rhino 3D

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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