Bright Graphic Images: Art by Phil Cummings

A bright painting of an alarmed catKizzy Alarmed, acrylic on masonite

Phil Cummings is a prolific artist with a background in film. Phil’s portfolio is filled with works in various types of print media as well as painting. The artist’s style emphasizes color, shape and pattern to create bright graphic images that would be at home both in a gallery or the pages of a comic book.


An abstract, patterned painting of Adam and EveAdam & Eve, cartoon paints on clear acetate


I’m impressed by the patience that must go into some of these works, in particular Phil’s repeating pattern pieces. In our previous feature of the artist’s work, we discussed the almost fractal-like nature of these playful psychedelic works. This pattern sensibility comes into play throughout Phil’s portfolio, in works where planes and volumes are divided up into distinct shapes of a particular color. The finished works foster a sense of wonder in the viewer, depicting the world in impossibly vibrant shades.


A screen capture of Phil Cummings' art websiteThe front page of Phil's portfolio website


I also enjoy the way Phil’s style translates into his black and white artworks. One project, illustrations for the novel Sin City High, features gritty, unpolished images, focused on depicting raw action and emotion rather than spending a lot of time on detail. The effect is powerful, at once enthralling and disturbing. 


A black and white drawing of a man giving a speechRobert McNamara

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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