Fine Art and Commercial Photography by Heather Solomon

A black and white photo of a cow on a cliffCow of Arans, Ireland, photograph

Photographer Heather Solomon creates both fine art and commercial photography under her company, H.A.S. Arts. The artist’s portfolio features photographs of a variety of subjects, all tastefully portrayed with warm, natural lighting and backgrounds.


A photo of a horse grazing in IrelandDoolin, Ireland

Heather travels frequently, and her commercial photographs of different locations capture stunning, varied vistas. The artist presents these images both in color and black and white, with a good eye for what type of subject is best suited to either style. Heather’s commercial photography also encompasses culinary subjects, as well as products and portraits of animals. Each gallery showcases the given subject matter in a tailored style – for example, her animal portraits feature landscape backgrounds, while her culinary photos are focused up-close on the food, with subdued, blurred backgrounds.


The culinary photography gallery on H.A.S. ArtsThe culinary gallery on


In her fine art portfolio, Heather allows more space for experimentation, creating photographs that are softly abstracted, capturing a mood and a feeling more than a particular place or time. 


A blurred, black and white photograph of a houseRoadtrip

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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