Photographs With Impact: Art by Jim Friesen

A photo of wild popppiesUntitled, photograph

Jim Friesen creates photographs with impact to cover a wide range of subjects, drawing the viewer in whether the artist is focused on capturing a single plant or a panoramic skyline.


A photo of some green blades of grass falling over a still pondGrass & Pond, photograph


I enjoy the way Jim seems to tailor his photographic style to suit a particular location. For the most part, the artist works with a somewhat muted color palette, seemingly capturing the look of a given place or subject on a foggy, overcast day. In certain photos, however, he dials up the color saturation so that the viewer is given a clear and vibrant picture of a specific item like the deep green hue of a leaf or the blue of a sunny sky.


A screen capture of Jim Friesen's photography websiteJim's gallery of 2015-2016 works on his website


Jim’s gallery of works from the past year features a number of minimalist landscape shots of beaches. In these photos, the empty expanse of a beach at dawn or dusk is accentuated by edited colors, creating a dreamy, almost post-apocalyptic emptiness and lending each image a meditative tone. 


A photograph of a lone figure on a deserted beachCentennial Beach - Photographer, photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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