Photographic Limits and Perspectives: Art by Noémie Goudal

A photographic image made with an alien sphere sitting in a landscapeStation II, lightjet print

Noémie Goudal uses her background in photography to explore photographic limits and perspectives. Goudal creates images exploring not just the existing photograph but its potential, as well.


A photographic image of an unidentified structure on an empty beach

Observatoire III, Lambda print on Baryta paper 


A frequent motif in Goudal’s works are monolithic structures placed in locations that offer little contextual information. For example, in the series, Observatoires, she presents a number of images in black and white. Each features an apparently man-made concrete structure, likely the “observatory” in question. Each figure is situated in the center of the image, surrounded by natural negative space – an empty sky above, and a flat beach or shallow tide of water below.


In another work, Study on Perspective, the artist explores the illusory potential of photographic images by layering several incomplete images of a hallway in a large glass framework. When viewed from straight ahead, the piece opens up, creating a real entryway to some other place – however, if the viewer looks at it from the side, the true nature of the image becomes clear. 


An installation of a layered image of a hallwayStudy on Perspective (exhibition view I), direct to media printing, acrylic, steel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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