Social and Sensory Experiences: Art by Pedro Reyes

An installation consisting of musical instruments made from decommissioned weaponsDisarm, instruments made from decommissioned weapons

Pedro Reyes is a conceptual artist from Mexico City. Using a wide range of materials and techniques, Reyes creates artworks that both create and comment upon social and sensory experiences.


Reyes’ artworks are often designed to be directly utilized or experienced by participants. For example, the 2013 work Cuerpomaticio takes the form of a box full of strange objects, made from various materials. The items in the box are intended to cause different physical sensations in users, and viewers of the artwork are invited to use them on themselves and other willing viewers. The result is a work which exists both as a physical object and as an experience that is unique to each viewer.


A sculpture made from many strange objects contained in a boxCuerpomatico, various materials

The artist also creates works that are in themselves static objects, but comment on interpersonal or experiential issues, such as in Colloquium. In this work, structures made from interlocking forms in the shape of comic speech bubbles serve to represent what gets lost in translation, misunderstood or unsaid in every conversation. 


A sculpture made from the overlapping forms of speech bubblesColloquium, marble

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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