Loose and Frantic Paintings by Teresa Tonner

An abstracted painting of daisies on a green backgroundDaisies at Day Break, acrylic on canvas

Painter Teresa Tonner creates delightfully loose and frantic paintings that oscillate between figuration and abstraction. Floral forms are common motifs in those paintings where discernable figures appear.


A painting using deep, dark red and black tonesBurgeoning, acrylic on canvas

Teresa’s background in classical animation comes to the forefront in the way the lines and brush strokes of her paintings seem to spin in a whirlwind of movement. I really enjoy the sense of spontaneity that’s apparent through all of the artist’s paintings, as though Teresa begins with a basic inspiration and allows the paint to take its natural path.


A screen capture of Teresa Tonner's art websiteThe front page of Teresa's website


Each of the works in Teresa’s gallery also seems to focus on a specific limited color palette. While multiple colors appear in each abstract scene, one individual hue tends to overpower, leaving a singular impression of the painting with the viewer, even after they’ve moved on to something else. Shades of blue often serve as backgrounds, mimicking both the blue of the sky, and of flowing water, or forest depths. 


a painting with blue and white huesMid-summer, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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