Fallingmoss: Art by Sarah Martin

A bulbous abstract form made from various textilesMound series, shibori dyed wool and silk

Sarah Martin works under the moniker Fallingmoss, creating mixed media artworks that incorporate unaltered natural materials as well as man-made artistic media. The resulting works are often surreal and alien takes on our own surroundings and environment.


An artwork made from a drape of buried cotton fabricFabricated Memories, buried cotton, fabric, thread

I’m quite taken by some of Sarah’s recent textile works. The artist has constructed a variety of bulbous forms by twisting, dying and felting various types of fabric including cotton, wool and silk. In some cases, the artist uses the traditional Japanese fabric dyeing method shibori to create uniquely marbled strips of fabric that are then balled-up and twisted into shapes that seem to reference plants and fungus.


A screen capture of the ceramics gallery on Sarah Martin's websiteSarah's ceramics gallery on her website


In our last feature of Sarah Martin’s work we looked at the artist’s use of gold leaf to coat bits of driftwood. These creations seem to be at the heart of the artist’s practice, a visual example of how Sarah elevates seemingly random bits of natural detritus, turning these materials into something precious and rare. 


An artwork made with gold-leafed bits of wood and leatherInto The Woods, found wood, gold leaf, leather

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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