Grotesque Human Figures: Art by Jon Duci

A painting of a horrific-looking human faceMutant #3, acrylic on canvas

Artist Jon Duci explores grotesque human figures, painting with a rainbow of hues that call to mind dusty neon signs. Many of the artist’s works verge on abstraction, using fragmented figures layered on top of and across one another.


A painting featuring many bizarre human facesMysterium, acrylic on canvas

Recently, Jon has been working on a series of paintings of “mutants.” Each painting depicts a bizarrely distorted human face, with an interestingly varied range of textures. The coloration and tactility of these paintings is undeniably macabre, though the close-up images of faces tend to draw the viewer in. These paintings are in contrast to other recent works that feature dense collections of equally detailed faces and sometimes features like lips and eyes, stacked together across the canvas.


A screen capture of Jon Duci's art


Jon also occasionally utilizes photo-realistic depictions of people, creating mixed media and collage works that combine his unique style with realistic figures. In his Magic Mirrors series, Jon layers strips of hand-drawn texture over black and white portraits, creating mutant hybrids.

A mixed-media artwork with abstract patterns layered over a photographMagic Mirror #5, mixed media (collage, pen and colored pencil)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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