A Delicate, Ethereal Edge: Art by Maria Z. Madacky

A wall-hanging installation made with rust pigmentsRecollections
(detail), acrylic gel, graphite and rust

Maria Z. Madacky is a multimedia artist located in Canada. Maria’s works encompass a range of styles and sensibilities, though in her most recent works focus on installation and assemblage with a delicate, ethereal edge.


A mixed media artwork organized as a grid of materialsJourney #7 (from Journey series), wood, plastic rods and ink on handmade paper


We looked at a few of Maria’s quietly tactile works in our previous feature, showcasing the artist’s use of white and colorless materials that focus mostly on texture and presence within the gallery. This eye for texture is reflected in Maria’s print works, which I find quite pleasing. Each print creates a space where simple, overlapping lines and marks form a complex pattern that references fabrics, natural rock formations, bacterial growths and many more potential interpretations.


A screen capture of Maria Z. Madacky's art websitewww.mariazmadacky.com


The artist has also delved into performance art, in her work with M.E.D.I.U.M. Collective, an ongoing collaboration between Maria and three other artists. The collective seeks to foster a simultaneous faith and incredulity by performing psychic and telepathic services such as séances, dream interpretation and fortune-telling. 


A still image of a psychic art performanceMadam Symona with a "client" at Seerious Business (performance still)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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