Delicate Naturalist Paintings by Jan Pearson

A painting of a heron among green foliageTranquil Light, acrylic on canvas

Jan Pearson grew up on a farm in Missouri, where she was exposed to nature in a variety of forms. These experiences now influence her delicate naturalist paintings, where the artist explores abstraction and figurative painting.


A painting of two orange cats in a roomShades of Odie Cat, acrylic on canvas

Jan tends to paint in a very loose, expressive style that depicts the light and shadow of a space as much as it does objects and figures. In many cases her works verge on abstraction, with figures blending and melting into similarly-colored backgrounds. This equal focus on foreground and background gives Jan’s paintings a softness that carries through whether she’s painting portrait of wild horses or a house cat.


A screen capture of Jan Pearson's art websiteThe front page of Jan's portfolio website


Last time we featured Jan’s fun, explorative artwork we discussed the way that the artist experiments not only with subject matter, but with media as well. Jan still holds true to this, showing off a talent for selecting the perfect medium for a given subject, like thin watercolors for ethereal floral works, or textured acrylic and mixed media for dynamic portraits. 


A painting of a woman walking among some plantsSpringdale, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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