Bright and Structured Artworks by Graham Hall

An abstracted painting of architectural formsDowntown, acrylic on canvas

Graham Hall lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, where he creates bright and structured artworks, often utilizing architectural forms and geometric elements.


A painting of an architectural form in bright colorsBetter Architectures: Shimmering Vista, acrylic on canvas


Graham’s Better Architectures series seems to reference some of the aesthetic sensibilities of the Russian Constructivist movement of the early 20th century. Graham’s works, however, have a slightly more playful edge, embracing the limitations of a two-dimensional surface and focusing more on the interactions between colors.


A screen capture of Graham Hall's gallery of recent workGraham's Recent Work gallery


This eye for color theory is especially clear in some of Graham’s recent works, particularly a small series of geometric abstractions that borrow the form of color wheels. These paintings focus entirely on the placement of different strips of color – while some seem to have a very specific type of organization, others have a much more intuitive sensibility, and the artist’s temporary affinities for particular colors shine through. 


A painting of several interlocking wheels of colorAs It Goes Up and Down, acrylic on wood panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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