Nature and Humanity: Art by Monique Blom

An artwork with a personified image of sugarBliss Point Girls (Sugar)

Saskatchewan artist Monique Blom creates artworks that express the tension between nature and humanity, and the influence one has on the other. The artist’s works often have a collaged aesthetic.


An artwork with images and text commenting on agricultureMonsanto's Dirty Dozen (Agent Orange)

I really enjoy Monique’s recent works, many of which incorporate cut-out figures from vintage advertising and magazines. A number of these images comment on the agricultural industry, and the humans’ instinctual reactions to certain types of food. The artworks offer cutting commentary on a number of particularly topical issues, and the lightness of the mock-advertising imagery adds a deceptively sweet coating over this slightly ominous tone.


A screen capture of Monique Blom's recent artworksMonique's gallery of recent projects


Monique also creates works on performance and video, like her recent public performance as part of Politics of the Absurd in New York. In one piece, She-Wood...Steal, the artist sets up her performance on a sidewalk in front of a gym and sets about chopping firewood while wearing a red dress and a bizarre mask. The effect plays off the artist’s surroundings and lives up to the absurdity of its name, while still offering ample space for contemplation. 


A photo of an outdoor art performance in Chelsea, New YorkShe-Wood...Steel (performance still)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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