Perfectly Sketchy: Artworks by Will Barras

A black and white drawing of a figure and a large black catUntitled

Illustrator Will Barras’ artworks are rendered in a perfectly sketchy fashion, with contoured lines curling like tendrils of smoke to form objects and figures. The artist works with deep, saturated colors, as well as sketchbook offerings in black and white.


An outdoor mural by Will BarrasOutdoor Mural


The sense of movement in Barras’ sketchbook artworks is quite wonderful, where different figures seem interconnected by the same lines, and the medium, which appears to be ink, is allowed to naturally drip in certain places. The London-based artist also works as an animation director, and there’s a clear connection in his work between animated movement and static imagery.


Barras has also worked on a number of indoor and outdoor wall murals. These murals tend to use bright splashes of color as their basis, and Barras then layers them with his signature curving line art. The resulting works look as if someone has painted over a building with watercolors, providing an interesting contrast between the hard lines of architecture and the softness of hand-drawn imagery. 


A painting of a strange scene with bright colorsLost City

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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