Inventions and Physics: Art by Adrian Molina

An abstract artwork with primary colorsCoS paper 6b

Adrian Molina is an artist based in Miami, Florida. Adrian’s artwork takes many forms and has many influences, though it looks particularly toward mechanical inventions and physics.


A black and white abstract drawn focused on movementCoS paper 10


In our last feature of Adrian’s work, we looked at the artist’s methods of combining different practices and artistic sensibilities to create sculptural paintings, and painterly sculptures. Adrian’s most recent series have a more strict, painterly edge to them, though one can still sense nods to three-dimensional forms throughout. The series title, Color of Sound, hints at the slightly more esoteric origins behind the abstract forms. I also appreciate that in spite of this title, not all of the works in this series are actually in color. Some focus intently on a very musical sense of movement.


The front page of Adrian Molina's art websiteThe front page of Adrian's portfolio website


Considering Adrian’s previous experimentation with animating sculptural works using stop-motion techniques, it seems obvious that his works would have a clear sense of movement. Check out all Adrian’s Color of Sound works on his portfolio website!

An abstract painting in blue and yellowCoS canvas 3

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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