Moody, Dreamy Mixed Media: Art by Amy D. Graham

An abstracted painting of a landscapeUntitled

Amy D. Graham has a background in visual art and modern dance. Amy currently teaches visual art while maintaining her own practice, which centers on moody, dreamy mixed media abstractions.


A bright pink painting of cupsUntitled


Looking through Amy’s portfolio website, I’m rather taken with the artist’s landscape paintings. Though these works are more simplistic in terms of media than the rest of the artist’s practice, they do a great job of capturing the barest essence of a space, offering the viewer the opportunity to fill in the details. With a few quick, loose brush strokes, Amy suggests trees, grass and mountainous terrain.


A screen capture of Amy D. Graham's


The majority of the artist’s works are complex near-abstractions that are packed with various innovative materials. The pieces in Amy’s Cups series, for example, all incorporate cups and drinking vessels of some sort, though the images rarely focus on these object figures. Each work follows a more or less unified color scheme, and utilizes fine details like handwritten text, plastic buttons, and heavily textured sections to tell a deeper story. Just as in our previous feature of Amy’s works, the art is packed with moods and memories


A deep blue mixed media work with a figure of a cupUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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