Lighting and Texture: Pastel Art by Marilyn Riopel

A pastel drawing using a large amount of blueOrganics, pastel

Marilyn Riopel was born into an artistic family in New York, later moving to British Columbia where she taught art and music. Marilyn’s current practice utilizes pastel and showcases a versatile style that focuses on lighting and texture.


A pastel drawing of a row of pink-hued treesShake Your Booty, Pastel

I’m always impressed to see such complex and visually interesting works created with such a tricky medium. Though Marilyn’s style is changeable, the artist always seems to have a good grasp of where she’s going with a work, and each mark and moment of color appears deliberate. Marilyn’s Music & Fantasy gallery is full of examples of abstract works that express the sounds and feelings associated with music in a synesthetic way.


A screen capture of Marilyn Riopel's art websiteMarilyn's Music & Fantasy gallery


I also really enjoy Marilyn’s Tree Series. In this series, the artist has created a number of works capturing trees, each made with a wildly different aesthetic sensibility to truly capture the beauty and uniqueness of every tree species and locale. 


A pastel drawing of abstracted autumn treesTreelines, pastel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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