Wide, Emotional Gestures: Painting by Noah NJ Bowman

An abstract diptych paintingSeduction (diptych), acrylic on canvas

Painter Noah NJ Bowman focuses on wide, emotional gestures in his work, rather than tight figuration. The artist tends to focus on abstraction featuring hugely confident brush marks and saturated colors.

An abstract painting made in blue and white

That Je Ne Sais Quoi, acrylic on canvas


I enjoy the style of abstraction that Noah subscribes to. While it’s difficult to pick out any recognizable figures in the works, there are definite suggestions of form that are ripe for interpretation. Noah notes that he’s been inspired by the likes of Francis Bacon, Willem de Kooning and Henri Matisse. Looking at Noah’s works I can see definite parallels to these artists and the movements of cubism and expressionism in general.


The front page of Noah N J Bowman's art websiteThe front page of Noah's website


Recently Noah has branched out into fashion, in a collaboration with the Japanese fabric Amaike Super Organza. This light, translucent fabric seems to be the ideal vehicle for Noah’s designs, as the intensity of the artist’s marks is tones down to a subdued beauty with a more ethereal presence. 


A scarf with an abstract paint design on itScarf, Bowman Collection by Amaike Super Organza, fabric made in Japan

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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