Moments of Ballet: Photography by Luis Pons

A photograph of ballerinas Alexandra Jacobs and Mikaela KellyBallerina Alexandra Jacobs & Mikaela Kelly

New York-based photographer Luis Pons uses his camera to capture moments of ballet in urban and natural environments. Luis’ photographs showcase the relationship between body and environment.


A photograph of a ballerina dancing on a bridge at sunsetBallerina Tessa Danielle


I love the way Luis places his models in novel spaces that often subtly pair with the costume or movements of the dancers. While the focus of each photograph is generally the model, the figures are often placed off to the side of a photo or in the middle of a landmark, reflecting the geometry of architectural features with their position. The crisp quality and natural lighting of each work also serves to highlight the incredible physical strength and flexibility that goes into each ballet pose.


A screen capture of the color photo gallery on Luis Pons' websiteLuis' portfolio gallery of color photos


Luis' gallery of black and white photographs is also interesting – these works have a more dramatic edge to them, and with the dancers blending into their backgrounds slightly more, the works become as much about the locations as they are about the dancers. 


A photograph of a ballerina dancing on a rooftopABT Ballerina Rachelle Di Stasio

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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