Social and Psychological Consciousness: Art by Wynne Palmer

Drift, single-channel video shot with HTC One cell phone


Wynne Palmer is a Vancouver-based multimedia artist whose work spans topics of social and psychological consciousness. Working in video, photography, installation and media, Wynne explores the convergence of natural and technological subjects.


An installation view of a video project by Wynne PalmerMurder of Crows (installation view), single channel video with audio (manipulated in post production), shot with a Canon S120


I enjoy the way that Wynne often uses her artwork to combine two seemingly separated topics. In a recent video project, for example, the artist compares the often harsh, complaint-like calls of crows to the complaints about cost of living that she hears every day in Vancouver. A slightly distorted video of a murder of crows protecting a tree habitat from an invading seagull draws parallels to human nature, both humorous and disconcerting.


A screen capture of Wynne Palmer's art


Wynne also combines nature, identity and technology in a more literal sense, for example in her Phantom Limbs installation. This work adds theatrical, futuristic strings of led light to natural formations of trees and rocks, highlighting detached tree branches and questioning nature’s ability to communicate. 


An installation view of an outdoor light piece attached to tree stumpsPhantom Limbs (installation view) Galvinized wire mesh various sizes, 1 x 2m/33ft El Wire + 9v 'Strong' Driver, 3 x 2m/16ft. El Wire + 3v Drivers, 9v and AA batteries, 20 gauge wire, LED lights w/gel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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