Aesthetics and Hospitality: Art and Design by Alice Coyle

A map of Europe showing the origin of various winesWine Map - Farmgate Cafe, The English Market, Cork (a map of Europe showing the origin of Farmgate Cafe's carefully sourced old wines)

Alice Coyle has a multidisciplinary background, with education in fine art, interior design and architecture. Alice uses her experience to combine aesthetics and hospitality.


A map of restaurants in Cork for St. Patrick's FestivalSt. Patrick's Festival Food Map, interactive digital map designed for Cork City Council 


Alice’s portfolio includes everything from oil painting to collaborative interior design projects and architectural plans. I enjoy the way that each set of project images is accompanied by a detailed description, telling a bit of the story behind a project’s inception and development.


A screen capture of a project on Alice Coyle's websiteA recent project displayed on Alice's website


In a recent work, Alice was commissioned by the city of Cork, Ireland, to create “food maps” – that is, a series of different maps of the area, each focusing on a specific food-related set of landmarks including restaurants, bars, and food festival destinations. Alice also created a set of infographic images highlighting the locations on the Irish coast where specific types of fish are caught. The artist’s works are easy to engage with and help to educate residents and tourists alike about the provenance and background of popular foods. 


A infographic map of Ireland's fishing groundsIreland's Fishing Grounds Infograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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