Floral-Inspired Artworks by Sarah Tremaine

A painting of a poppy on an abstract backgroundUntitled

Sarah Tremaine is a painter and textile artist currently based in Virginia. Sarah’s background in environmentalism and biology helps to inform her floral-inspired artworks.


A photo of a model wearing a white silk felted dressWhite Out Dress, Merino-Tencel on SIlk Habotai

I’m enjoying the recent paintings that Sarah has displayed on her portfolio website. The works are delicate and tend to utilize negative space to the fullest capacity. In many cases, a single, loosely painted flower is the focus of the paintings, backed by white space or panels of color. Peaceful and subdued, these painting works sit nicely beside Sarah’s textiles.


A screen capture of Sarah Tremaine's art websiteThe front page of Sarah's website


In our previous feature of Sarah’s work, we discussed the artist’s seasonal textile works. Her website gallery of fiber works is still divided seasonally, similar to seasons of a fashion house. Fitting, since Sarah has recently been branching out into more wearable artworks, her practice now including not only scarves but dresses, tops and tunics. Many of these items also feature a light, breezy floral pattern and seem quite light and airy in their construction. 


A photo of a selection of handmade silk scarvesselection of Nuno felt and eco-print scarves

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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