Wire Sketches: Sculptures by David Oliveira

A wire sculpture that looks like a drawing of a womanUntitled

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, David Oliveira is a sculptor who is known for his wire sketches that mimic rough drawings in three dimensions. These sculptures function only when seen at a particular angle, and otherwise dissolve into abstraction.


A wire sculpture created around a chair to look like a woman sittingUntitled


I’m really impressed by the attention to detail in Oliveira’s works. Looking at online images of these, some of them definitely achieve the look of a drawing hastily sketched onto a photographic print – you certainly wouldn’t expect a three-dimensional sculpture at first glance. The figures depicted by the sculptures are mainly figurative and refer to classical life-drawing poses.


I also enjoy the way that Oliveira tends to utilize other objects in the room to lend an additional bit of realism to the artworks. For example, his figures have been built around chairs to seem as though they’re reclining – or running down sets of stairs, or interacting in some way with gallery walls. For more wire works, check out the portfolio website of Joel Armstrong


A wire sculpture that looks like a sketch of a handUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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