Studio Sunday: Deborah Kass

A photo of Deborah Kass' art studio


Our Studio Sunday feature this week is Deborah Kass. Kass is a contemporary American artist who utilizes mixed media and appropriative imagery to explore pop art, art history and identity.


Kass’ studio looks beautiful in this photo – well lit, and clean with nice wood flooring. I like the way that the artist’s works fit into the space, as well. At first glance, this studio space almost looks like just a living room in someone’s home, until you notice the artist's table and supplies on the floor. The cleanliness of the studio somehow reflects the clean lines and bright, deliberate colors seen in Kass’ works.


I enjoy the chairs and table that are set up on the left side of this photo. The modern design of the furniture is definitely in fitting with the artist’s overall aesthetic, and the way that one of the chairs is turned out to face the artwork on the opposite wall suggests that there was some sort of meeting going on – or at the very least, Kass was taking a moment to look over her artworks and decide what to do next.


Though the space of this studio is quite massive, it’s nicely divided by paintings and partial walls. It looks like several different rooms, and has a very gallery-like feeling to it. It would probably be beneficial for the artist to be able to see exactly what their works look like, placed into the average gallery space.


Kass uses a wide range of media in her works – everything from paint to neon lights. Her pieces often play with aesthetic tropes used by other pop artists like Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg and Roy Lichtenstein

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Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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