Headlines: Music, Movies, and Replica Art

1) The Future of Restoration May Lie in Convincing Forgery

A photo of a 3D replica made by Factum Arte


Technological advancements such as 3-D printing and digital scanning and rendering may be the next -  less dangerous - step forward in the preservation and restoration of ancient or endangered artworks. This article in the New Yorker looks specifically at a few different ancient artworks including the wall paintings inside King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber, that have been replicated to exacting specifications by a Madrid-based company called Factum Arte. Run by Adam Lowe, the company specializes in creating precise replicas of artworks, seeking to “redefine the relationship between the original and the copy.”


2) Avram Fefer Adds Sound to Serra Sculptures



Here’s a talk with musician and composer Avram Fefer on his recent practice of playing music in and around the sculptures of Richard Serra. Fefer most recently played a horn in and amongst the curves of a Serra sculpture inside the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, NY, though he has previously made music in other Serra works in the U.S. and England. Now Fefer is calling the series The Resonant Sculpture Project, and has plans to play again at Gagosian Gallery’s London branch in January.


3) Difficult Year for Anselm Kiefer Culminates in Antagonistic Beijing Show


A 2009 photo of Anselm Kiefer in front of one of his paintings


German painter Anselm Kiefer is speaking out against a Beijing exhibition of his works, titled Anselm Kiefer in China. The exhibition, which was organized by The Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing and the Bell Art Center in Hamburg, opened on Saturday and is set to run until January 8th despite Kiefer’s requests that it be cancelled. According to the artist, the organizers of the exhibition, his first show in China, have “seen fit to exclude [him] from the process” of setting up and fine-tuning the show, a process which Kiefer has stated he is normally involved with. It’s apparently been something of a rough year for Kiefer – a few months ago, in August 2016, he was the victim of a studio theft in which the perpetrators made off with 12 tonnes of marble and a lead sculpture valued at €1.3 million.


4) A List of Art Movies to Watch This Weekend



If you’re in the U.S. and short of entertainment options for the upcoming long weekend, here’s a handy list from Hyperallergic of 11 art-related films to watch. All the films are available on Netflix (and can probably be found through other means if you are outside the U.S. or don’t have the service.) These will be great to keep in mind avoiding the cold weather during the winter holidays, as well.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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