Noir Charcoal Drawings by Leah Biggs

A charcoal drawing of female legs in stockingsAnticipation, charcoal on paper

Artist Leah Biggs creates noir charcoal drawings that evoke a sense of darkness and isolation. Made exclusively in black and white, Leah’s drawings are like stills from old movies.


A drawing of an old-fashioned telephoneWake up call, charcoal on paper

I really enjoy the deep, moody atmosphere that the artist brings out in each of her works. Many of the charcoal drawings feature female figures, but the faces are never shown – in fact, more often than not, all we see of the figure is a pair of hands, or feet clad in elegant heels. By partially obscuring the human aspects of her work, Leah both allows her viewers to insert themselves into the scene, and compounds a sense of despair as we appear to be on the outside looking in at a mysterious scenario.


Leah Biggs' portfolio gallery of ink drawingsLeah's selection of ink drawings on her portfolio website


Leah’s ink drawings focus more on objects. In keeping with the off-kilter, noir-like theme she plays with motifs like telephones and shoes, sometimes giving them a slightly disheveled appearance, as though they’d been left behind in a hurry.  

A drawing of a woman in a dance postureLove Songs, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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