Repeating Forms and Texture: Art by Jacqueline Bell Johnson

A photo of an installation work featuring many small bamboo polesWe All Look The Same Underneath, (detail), lampworked Plexiglass, bamboo, monofilament, paint

Jacqueline Bell Johnson is an installation and mixed-media artist whose work is particularly inspired by repeating forms and texture. The artist often uses a variety of found materials and objects in her works.


An insect-like sculpture made from steelRibs, forged and welded steel


Referencing forms found in nature, Jacqueline builds up sculptural forms using many duplicates of the same object or piece of material. Her recent sculpture We All Look The Same, Underneath, for example, utilizes a myriad of small bamboo rods of equal length, all attached to a single sheet of plexiglass. With a single base object and many repeated forms interacting with it, Jacqueline calls to mind the natural structures of coral and sea life while creating a surreal look within the gallery space.


A screen capture of Jacqueline Bell Johnson's art websiteThe front page of Jacqueline's website


I also enjoy the artist’s use of long, string-like forms. These seem to appear as a motif in numerous sculptures, whether they take on the appearance of legs, or bones, as in a work like Ribs, or are more subtly present like the seven miles of thread used in the sculpture Green Muff.


A sculpture made from wood planks and green threadGreen Muff, wood, PVC pipe, screws, 7 miles of thread

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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