Transient Objects and Social Constructions: Art by Paul de Guzman

A photo of an outdoor photo and text installationthe people are the city the people are the city the people are the city, outdoor printed vinyl on hoarding

Artist Paul de Guzman works both in Vancouver and Manila, creating works of mixed media and installation that speak to transient objects and social constructions. Paul’s works often incorporate a variety of different image styles, and pieces of text.


A bus shelter poster installation by Paul de GuzmanVancouver Coastal: a nomad's guide to the floating world (north version), color poster for transit shelter display

Some of Paul’s most recent works took the form of two-dimensional images that were installed like advertisements on bus shelters around Vancouver. Designed as a commission for the City of Vancouver Cultural Services Public Art Program, these images look like book cover, even naming Paul as editor, yet serve solely as visual reference points. Each poster incorporates two images – one of the rocks and detritus on Vancouver’s shores, and the other of a Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock print. The differences and similarities between the two images encourages the viewer to take time to contemplate the true meaning of “coastal city.”


A screen capture of Paul de Guzman's art websiteThe Vancouver Coastal gallery on Paul's website

Paul frequently references architecture in his practice. I especially enjoy his indoor installations that combine the aesthetics of a three-dimensional construction and a two dimensional image of the same. 


An excerpt from an artist's book by Paul de Guzmanexcavating grid - excerpt from artist's book, inkjet print on found letter-size paper folded in half, self published artist's book edition of 40

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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