Social Constructions: Art by Pierre-Luc Déziel

An abstract 3D construction on canvasIce cream is on me, mixed media

Pierre-Luc Déziel creates three-dimensional mixed media works that address social constructions. Pierre-Luc builds his works by attaching various materials directly to the canvas before painting.


A mixed media construction on canvas

L'Amoreuse, mixed media


I enjoy the way that the artist plays with texture in his works – each individual canvas holds a wealth of different shapes, styles and tactile moments. In most of his recent works, Pierre-Luc keeps the canvas itself white, adding monochromatic strokes of media onto the surface to add subtle shadow and dimension. At the center of each canvas is an expansive-looking structure made from overlapping and woven bits of material, possibly wood.


A screen capture of Pierre-Luc Deziel's art


The frantic randomness of Pierre-Luc’s layering of materials enforces the sense of overlapping social context and conversation that he conceptualizes in his artwork. Each construction, though abstract and bizarre, helps to represent the concepts that appear in the titles. 


A close-up view of a mixed media composition on canvasLes Dividus (detail), mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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