Contemporary Color: Artwork by Jeffrey Fine

An abstract oil painting of a cityCity Limits, oil paint

Jeffrey Fine’s artworks are a fascinating blend of contemporary color and abstract expressionist composition. With a portfolio of works spanning decades, Jeffrey has developed a unique way of depicting a range of subject matter.


An abstracted painting of a lakeLake of Coheeries in May, oil paint

I find Jeffrey’s style great for drawing a viewer’s eye all around the canvas. His works tend to be evenly covered in undulating lines and blocked-in, bulbous forms, with no particular focal point or central figure. With a palette that favors cool tones of blue and purple, Jeffrey seems to fill in each canvas or board with layers upon layers of thick, curved forms that suggest, in a dreamlike fashion, the figural subject of the work.


A screen capture of Jeffrey Fine's art websiteJeffrey's Mythical Landscape gallery


The near-abstracted nature of Jeffrey’s work allows him to easily flip between depicting concrete subjects like cities and lakes, back to more intangible concepts like his “Spirits” series. The artist’s style of working serves to illuminate the similarities even between seemingly opposing subject matter. 


A painting of an abstract woman's face in profileAnniversary, oil paint

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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