Portraits of Houses and Storefronts by Joel David Abramson

A watercolor painting of a housePennsylvania Country House, watercolor

Artist and illustrator Joel David Abramson creates charming portraits of houses and storefronts. With an eye for architectural details, Joel renders his subjects a style that ranges from cartoonish to highly realistic.

A painting of a Halloween shop frontTeeners Halloween, acrylic


Joel’s watercolor paintings of houses are really great. It’s rather notable how the artist is able to get such straight lines and accurate perspective using this medium. Like his ink drawings, the works usually show the front exterior of a home, though the nature of the homes varies widely, with everything from boats to stately manors represented in Joel’s portfolio.


A screen capture of the front page of Joel Abramson's art websitewww.house-illustrations.com

I also really enjoy the way that Joel captures the feeling of window shopping with his store front paintings. In some cases, he even goes so far as to render the reflections of parked cars and the buildings across the street in the glass of a shop window. The effect is an interest, layered double-exposure and draws the viewer into the work. 


A painting of a shop front of a wig storeLee's Wigs, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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