Sweeping Landscape Paintings by Vicki Beamish

A painting of cows in a large, grassy meadowCariboo Serenity, oil on canvas

Currently located in Penticton, BC, Vicki Beamish displays her love for nature through her sweeping landscape paintings. Depicting everything from marshes to hoodoos, Vicki's work showcases an eye for detail, and an appreciation for the environment.


A painting of hoodoos in the British Columbia interiorSummerland Hoodoos, oil on canvas

Painting with oil on canvas, Vicki is able to get an incredible amount of detail into each work. I’m impressed with the way the artist renders lighting, particularly in her most recent works, which feature rocky, desert environments pictured under blazing afternoon sun. The highlights and lowlights that the artist creates add both texture and realistic volume to each form, giving many of them an almost photographic appearance. It’s this same attention to detail that makes bodies of water in the artist’s works look so realistic and shiny.


The painting gallery on Vicki Beamish' websiteVicki's online painting gallery


Vicki is equally skilled at rendering wildlife, with cows and seagulls appearing at moments in her portfolio. Check out more of Vicki’s artworks on her website, or our previous feature for her paintings of coastal ecosystems


A painting of red stone cliffs rising above the tree lineThe Enderby Cliffs, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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