Evocative Modern Portraiture by Judith Elsasser

A mixed-media painting of a man's faceMichael, watercolor with conte and graphite

Painter Judith Elsasser creates evocative modern portraiture in a number of mediums. Whether she’s working in oil paint or watercolor, Judith manages to capture all the personality and liveliness of her subjects.


A portrait of a football playerRay Hogg "The Audition", oil on canvas


I’m quite impressed with the way that Judith is able to maintain her photorealistic, smooth style across media. She also tends to adjust her compositions to suite particular materials - in her recent watercolor portraits, for example, she still gives her figures highly detailed faces, but bodies and backgrounds are rendered in a much more gestural, loose fashion. These compositions have a nicely dreamy feel to them, and function equally well as finished artworks and as sketches.


A screen capture of the front page of Judith Elsasser's art websiteJudith's online portfolio front page


I’m also quite taken by Judith’s still life works. She offers the same amount of attention to detail to these objects as she does to her portrait subjects. Whether she’s painting fresh fruit, or a pair of old sneakers, Judith’s style stays true.


A painting of a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakersThe Run In, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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