Bright, Experimental Artworks by Eduardo Infante

A diptych by Eduardo InfantePaintings in Love: El Mar Es Más Que El Cielo, acrylic on canvas/ pastel, tape and spray on cardboard

Eduardo Infante is a mixed media artist from Spain. Using a variety of types of paint as well as other materials, he creates bright, experimental artworks that combine figure-making with splashy abstraction.


A mixed media artwork by Eduardo InfanteMyth, oil, collage and digital print on paper

In many of his works, Infante uses a very loose, almost naïve style, utilizing seemingly disjointed selection of lines and marks to build up a painted area. I find that the style that the artist uses really lends itself to interpretation as figurative, even if a work seems decidedly abstract at first glance. Infante frequently combines two or more media in a single work, including oils, acrylics, pastel, ink and more.


In certain works Infante also plays with installation, creating tiny, sketched works that sit alongside a larger finished piece in the final documentation of the work. The smaller pieces often seem to act as a distillation of the imagery in the larger piece, reinforcing Infante’s intention and concept.


An abstract diptych by Eduardo InfantePaintings in Love No. 0, The Tower of the Elephant, gesso and acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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